Delaware National Scenic River Activation

ARRL National Parks on the Air logoI made the trip to the Washington Crossing area to activation the Delaware National Scenic River (WR03).  It’s a beautiful area but this wasn’t my best activation.

I had a couple of potential operating locations I wanted to check out.  I first headed up to the Thompson-Neely section of the Washington Crossing State Park in Pennsylvania.  There was a high bluff overlooking the river that was intriguing but didn’t seem close enough to the river.  (In hindsight, I might have been over-thinking the 25-foot requirement.)

I next headed across the very narrow bridge to the New Jersey side.  Intrepid NPOTA activator, N2CX told me about this section of New Jersey’s Washington Crossing State Park.  I passed on the picnic area (one of a couple of bad decisions I made) and continued to explore the park.  I was thinking about heading back to the Pennsylvania side but I wanted to get on the air.

Washington's Crossing, looking from the New Jersey side. The bridge is barely wide enough for two-way traffic.

Washington Crossing, looking from the New Jersey side. The bridge is barely wide enough for two-way traffic.

I set up in a lightly-used section of the park in a wooded area on the banks of the river.  I could have tossed a wire up in a tree but I took the easy way out and went with my Alexloop.  Since the Alexloop isn’t exactly a barn-burner on 40 meters, I cranked up the power on my KX3 to 10 watts (gasp!).

Operating on the banks of the Delaware River

Operating on the banks of the Delaware River.  I was sitting on a thick, foam pad; otherwise, I wouldn’t have lasted too long.

I started out on 40 meters and quickly received a call from Emily KB3VVE.  Emily is an active NPOTA activator and chaser and is widely-known in NPOTA circles for her cookies.

For the next 20 minutes or so, I was pretty busy until things started slowing down.  I checked 20 meters but it was wall-to-wall with contesters.  So, I retreated to 30 meters.  Thirty is usually a pretty good band for me but not today, for some reason.  Checking the Band Conditions website, it looked like conditions had taken a bad turn.  I went back to 40 meters and picked up one more contact.

Band Conditions Graph

This could be one of the reasons the QSOs dried up on me.

It was heavily overcast today with a steady breeze blowing down the river.  After an hour or so I started to get cold and decided to pack it in for the day.

I ended the day with 13 contacts in the log — all on 40 meters.  It wasn’t a great showing but I had more than enough to qualify the activation.

The heater in the truck felt pretty good on the drive home.

72, Craig WB3GCK



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