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A “Cooler” Idea

When I was in need of a container to transport my QRP rig, my XYL came up with an inexpensive solution. The answer was as close as the nearby grocery store. A few years ago, I was using a plastic … Continue reading

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‘Twas the day before Christmas…

Or was it?  You certainly couldn’t tell by the weather.  It reached a balmy 71 degrees F today here in southeastern Pennsylvania.  It just doesn’t seem right being outside in late December wearing a T-shirt. Anyway, the shopping was done … Continue reading

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QRP Joy on Mount Misery

I can’t believe it– three decent weekends in a row.  Thanks to El Niño, we’re headed for record temperatures this weekend.  I definitely needed to take advantage of these mild temperatures.  So, I drove down to Valley Forge National Historic … Continue reading

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Tilt Stand for the YouKits HB-1B

This is another one of those projects that took longer to write up than to build. The top facing controls on “trail-friendly” radios like the YouKits HB-1B and others are very convenient when you’re sitting on the ground out in … Continue reading

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